Active English Teacher's Guide with Audio CD 5

  • Author(s)

  • Elizabeth Baker

  • Consultant(s)

  • -

  • ISBN

  • 9789814370707

  • Subject

  • ELT

  • Series

  • Active English

  • Level(s)

  • High School Year 3

Active English is a five-level English course that takes learners from Beginners to Intermediate level (A1 to B1+ of the Common European Framework of Reference).


Key Features

·        Clear learning sequences that promote generic and communicative competencies

·        Integrated approach that carefully develops students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills

·        Language concepts introduced through a wide range of interesting themes relevant in today’s world

·        Controlled pace and careful recycling of grammar and vocabulary for effective learning

·        Opportunities and support for differentiation in mixed-ability classrooms

·        Numerous activities that promote collaborative learning

·        Authentic Reading texts to expose students to the real world and motivate learning through Reading Skills

·        Interesting Get Real assignments that motivate students and provide communicative, task-based, and analytical learning experiences

·        Vocabulary Booster that expands students’ vocabulary bank and encourages independent learning

·        Useful study tips such as Recall and Learning Tip



·        Student Book

·        Student CD-ROM with MP3 Tracks

·        Teacher’s Guide (includes answer key, worksheets, and tests)

·        Class Audio CDs

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