TOP Maths (New Edition) Teacher's Guide 5B

  • Author(s)

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  • Consultant(s)

  • Katharine Edgar

  • ISBN

  • 9789813180307

  • Subject

  • Mathematics

  • Series

  • TOP Maths (New Edition)

  • Level(s)

  • Stage / Grade / Primary 5

TOP Maths series is developed to cover comprehensively the learning objectives of the latest Cambridge Primary Mathematics curriculum framework.


TOP Maths builds a strong foundation of the subject through the use of well-researched and sound pedagogical principles. Adopting a Concrete Pictorial Abstract approach, pupils are introduced to new concepts through concrete manipulatives and engaging pictorials before they are led to see their abstract representations. This allows pupils to have a deeper understanding of key mathematical concepts, thus motivating them
to learn.


Content is also clearly structured and spiralled across the levels to ensure a gradual build-up and review of skills as pupils progress up the stages. At the same time, emphasis is given on developing pupils’ problem-solving skills, critical thinking, as well as other 21st century skills.


TOP Maths also develops pupils’ confidence. A wide variety of practice questions are provided at frequent and appropriate junctures. This ensures that there is immediate reinforcement of concepts and sufficient practice for pupils.



TOP Maths Stage 5 comprises the following components:

• Textbooks 5A and 5B

• Workbooks 5A and 5B

• Teacher’s Guides 5A and 5B — Contain detailed mapping to the Cambridge curriculum framework, wraparound teachers’ notes for Textbooks and answers for Workbooks, with additional information and tips on conducting and delivering effective mathematics lessons

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