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September 2021 Newsletter

Need ideas on how to arrange your students' seating? We will be sharing on 5 types of classroom seating arrangement suitable for whole-class instruction and various activities. 

Alston has exciting news to share in the September Newsletter! 

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August 2021 Newsletter

August is the month where teachers and students are busy with the new school year. Other than a checklist for teachers on points to take note when starting a new year, we are also sharing an ice-breaker game (including an editable template!). 

Alston will be holding a FREE webinar in August 2021 -  "Ideas for Active Learning". Join us in this session to learn more activities that you can use to engage your students as they embark on their Active Learning journey. 

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July 2021 Newsletter

In July, we are sharing how teachers can encourage their students to share their ideas and opinions in the classroom. 

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June 2021 Newsletter

In June, Alston will be holding another session of our fully subscribed webinar!  Register early to get a spot for our FREE webinar!  

We also share about assessment and a useful online tool that can be used in all learning environment. 

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May 2021 Newsletter

Welcome to our first Monthly Newsletter!

In May, we will be holding a free webinar and also sharing information on crafting engaging online lessons. 

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