Happy Science Grade 3 Activity Book

Happy Science AB3 Cover

Happy Science Grade 3 Activity Book

Author(s) Lia Leow

ISBN 978-981-3180-95-6

Subject Science

Series Happy Science (Egypt Edition)

Level Grade/Stage 3

The Happy Science series adopt the inquiry-based learning pedagogy to develop Science literacy in young children. To support this pedagogy, the series use the instructional framework, Engage-Explore-Reflect cycle (Chalufour et. al. 2004) to design our teaching and learning content.

In the Happy Science series, we use thought-provoking questions and relevant real-life scenarios to arouse pupil's interest in learning Science. There are interesting investigative or hands-on activities to develop the pupils' inquiry and process skills in Science.

The series also include some STEM activities in relevant chapters to cultivate 21st century skills in our pupils. The STEM activities provide opportunities for pupils to apply and use their scientific knowledge to solve real-life problems.


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